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Personal Financial Inventory & Plan


Binders may be purchased for $100.00 from Howes Law Firm, P.C.- Please use the link below to open the PDF Brochure & Order form for the Personal Financial Inventory & Plan.

Personal Financial Plan Brochure & Order Form 2014

  The Personal Inventory and Financial plan will help you collect, evaluate and organize major financial, insurance, legal and other matters that affect your life. When completed, the binder will be your road map to success and security for you and for those you love.

Completion of your plan requires a collaborative effort with all of your professional advisors. When finished, the book will set forth your specific goals, values and objectives. While specific professionals will assist you with each section by providing their knowledge and expertise, the final responsibility for the project belongs to you.

Recognizing that each individual and family is unique, the binder format was selected to allow each book to be customized to the reader’s individual needs. Sections may be added, remover, or organized differently as you see most effective to your individual needs. Space is provided for the storage and organization of important documents. Feel free to write notes in the margins or draw diagrams, or collect news articles that you want to discuss with the appropriate advisor. Do whatever it takes to make the Personal and Financial Inventory and Plan meaningful and useful.

Most importantly, get started. Now.


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